Scammer Video #5. – FedEx Scam

This is the latest video, focusing on an email scam that tries to scam you by claiming to be a shipping company that was unable to deliver to your office. Don’t forget to follow (lower right corner) and share with your staff!   About Chris: Chris Morrissey is a third-generation owner of Big Dog Branding, … Continue reading Scammer Video #5. – FedEx Scam

Scammers – Episode 4. SS# Scam

Annnddd we’re back! This is a scam that impacted over 35,000 people in 2017 to a tune of 10 Million dollars! The Federal Trade Commission issued a follow-up warning to this scam on December 27th of 2018 which means they are still seeing a lot of activity around this scam. Be sure to click follow … Continue reading Scammers – Episode 4. SS# Scam

Scammers – Episode 3. New Scam Alert!

This is a quick release, down and dirty video that I created to make everyone aware of a new scam attempt where the scumballs target distributors by pretending to be suppliers. Please share this post with your staff. Anyone in your company that uses email could subject you to big problems. Don’t forget to follow … Continue reading Scammers – Episode 3. New Scam Alert!

Scammers – Episode 2. Additional Red Flags

This is episode #2 where we are elaborating further on the content the scammers are placing in their emails in order to remove or reduce your gut instincts. If you have not watched the first video, you may want to start there first as these go in order. Stay diligent and always trust your gut! … Continue reading Scammers – Episode 2. Additional Red Flags

2019 PPAI Awards Competition

Proforma Big Dog Branding has been selected as a finalist in the PPAI Pyramid Awards Competition. The Pyramid Award is the highest level of recognition in the 32 billion dollar Promotional Products Industry. The last time we submitted a project to the Pyramid Awards Competition was in 2013 and we struck gold, winning to top … Continue reading 2019 PPAI Awards Competition

Personal relationships protect buyers.

The Internet. Never before has so much been available for so many. Unfortunately, not everything is as it appears and sometimes those “Great Deals” come at a cost. Pricing may look good, but product quality is often times┬álacking and no company wants to have their logo associated with a poor quality product. The image above … Continue reading Personal relationships protect buyers.

Celebrating the life and accomplishments of our founder, Ann Morrissey.

On this coming Thursday 02/13/2014, our family will put to rest our company’s founder and my grandmother, Ann Morrissey. She was 92 years old and spent many years of her life dedicated to the Promotional Products industry, working for equality and women’s rights before the national movement had even begun. She was an amazing person … Continue reading Celebrating the life and accomplishments of our founder, Ann Morrissey.