Aakron Line Scam

I received this today and have posted it in a few industry chat rooms to make people aware. After showing what they are doing on this scam, apparently, there were several other suppliers who have also been spoofed in the exact same way. It looks like they have figured out how to exploit the Constant Contact system. Aakron line is aware of the issue and are doing everything they can to address it. Here is what Aakron Line sent out a few minutes ago.Screen Shot 01-22-20 at 01.48 PM

Here is what the scammers are doing.

You get an email that looks like it came from a supplier but clue #1 is that it is coming from a supplier’s account at Constant Contact. Suppliers won’t email out invoices using Constant Contact.

It says that per your conversation they are going to charge your account for the balance due on the statement and they include a link for you to click to see your statement. That link is the danger point. Do not click it.

A few minutes after I received the first email, a second one comes through stating that they are processing the payment “from your payroll”. That should be a red flag for most owners but employees may not pick up on that one.


Screenshots are below. Don’t click anything and delete the email.


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