Scammers – Episode 1. Protecting yourself from scams targeting the Promotional Industry.


Scams. With each passing day, more and more of them are in the news. Businesses are quickly becoming the preferred target because of the potential financial gain. They come in all forms, email, download links, attachments and ransomware. If you think you are immune, you are wrong.

I have a background in corporate theft and fraud prevention and it is my goal to share knowledge with you that may help protect your business from complete disaster. Rather than providing everything in one 30-45 minute video, I am segmenting them into shorter videos on specific topics. I hope these will prove useful to you and your team.

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Intro Video – A quick message about my background in the world of theft and fraud.


Video #1. Email Scams – Red Flags to watch for!



Chris Morrissey is a third-generation owner of Big Dog Branding, a promotional agency that is powered by Proforma. Prior to joining the business, Chris spent 8 years in Corporate Theft and Fraud Investigations. During this time Chris successfully built and prosecuted over 2000 cases. Chris hopes to use his experience dealing with corporate theft and fraud to help educate others in the Print and Promo industries to avoid being scammed.

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