Celebrating the life and accomplishments of our founder, Ann Morrissey.

On this coming Thursday 02/13/2014, our family will put to rest our company’s founder and my grandmother, Ann Morrissey.


She was 92 years old and spent many years of her life dedicated to the Promotional Products industry, working for equality and women’s rights before the national movement had even begun. She was an amazing person who carried herself with class and elegance, treating every person she encountered with dignity and respect. Our family is so very proud of her and I thank her for giving me the opportunity that I have today to be in the position that I am with the family business.

A few interesting things to know about my grandmother..

  • She started her career in 1953
  • She was the first woman elected to PPAI’s Board of Directors and served multiple terms
  • She worked with the U.S. White House for their promotional product needs and once dined with President Nixon and the first lady.
  • She was Counselor Magazines first female “Man of the year”, which was then change to “Person of the year” so that she would accept the recognition.
  • She won so many national and regional awards that my office walls could not fit them all.
  • She was very active and served many roles for the Chamber of Commerce.
  • She was a woman who was way ahead of her time. Rather than bow to the skeptics and those who didn’t want a woman in a position of power, she dug in with a work ethic that they themselves did not posses.

She did all of the above while still balancing family life. As a child I listened to my grandmothers voice knowing not to mistake her soft spoken words as a place of weakness because she could roll up her sleeves and handle any task (including me) as good as any man, if not better.

She was small in size, but I have enormous shoes to fill.

We love you Grandma..

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