Integrated Marketing – Getting those much needed impressions.

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Traditional marketing has significantly changed with the shift to digital media and growth of technology. At the same time, some forms of the traditional, old-school marketing like direct mail, have seen resurgent success, in part, due to people suffering from techno overload.

An integrated, multichannel marketing effort can create an opportunity to branch out into the new and make best use of traditional marketing methods, while getting the best bang for your marketing budget.

Consider this.. When was the last time you sent a hand written birthday card? Or better yet, received one? How did it make you feel to know someone took the time out of their day to do something that wasn’t digital. For most of us, we get the Facebook Birthday overload.. Hundreds of people you haven’t talked to in years, taking 5 seconds to write Happy Birthday on your wall because Facebook reminded them that today is your birthday! Still a gesture of kindness, but not much for a lasting impression.

So before we look into a few great examples of how this can be done, let me define what I mean by “multichannel marketing” — simply put, creating different touch points through different mediums, that ultimately all play together and help you increase your sales conversion rates.

An example of multichannel in action would be when you receive a postcard that includes a QR code or SMS short code to receive some exclusive incentive (such as a discount or giveaway entry.) Once you scan the QR code or send the SMS, you’re sent to a mobile landing page where perhaps a video might play to further the messaging. The sequence can go on to include a follow up phone call (automated or live,) reminding you of the video you watched, and then an email encouraging another call to action via an ecommerce website.

The beauty of this process is that it hits the consumer at many different angles, some of which may be more powerful than others. Just as some people are visual learners, while others learn by listening or demonstration, we take in marketing the same way — some platforms are more resonant than others. By varying our marketing modalities, we have a better chance of getting a serious look or, not only through repetition, but also when we hit the modality that resonates with the end-user.

If your marketing efforts have been strictly traditional approaches, consider including some digital elements like ecommerce, mobile or social starting in a multichannel campaign. This will allow you to closely track the campaigns effectiveness and test your new media experiment, while diversifying your marketing toolbox.

Here are a few interesting reads of multichannel elements in action:

The remarkable success story of Drew Houston – Commerce technology is a massive oppportunity (and retail … 22

And whether the composition of the industry is dominated by pure-play or multichannel, we know that all the players will need massive amounts of technology in order to be successful.

Brand Marketers Only – How to balance traditional, online, and social media – 11

And the number one obstacle cited to digital marketing growth was lack of a single, cross-channel digital marketing platform. What the marketing team must do is align the company’s content marketing and campaigns (owned) with media “buys” (paid) while also leveraging and measuring earned media.

3 Ways Mobile Insights Are Informing Online and Offline Marketing – gyro 28

Because mobile devices are an extension of each consumer’s life—set up and customized to their individual needs and preferences—they potentially offer marketers more personal data about their audiences than ever before.

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