Top reasons why companies create an online store

Ever thought about  creating an online store for your company, but not sure if the benefits outweigh the expense? Below is a list of the top reasons that companies pursue the creation of an online company store to manage their print, promotions and company apparel.

1. Control their brand image. Companies have been fight brand abuse for a long time. A company store provides a system of protection for their brand.
2. To organize and control their purchasing efforts. By creating an online store, companies are able leverage their dollars, provide a centralized location for buying and gain control of a disorganized mess.

3. Corporate apparel made easy. By creating an online store, companies are able to control the quality of the apparel that their company employees are buying and wearing, as well as the quality of decoration that is being placed on the shirts. Why have a nice shirt with bad embroidery? Or great embroidery on a poor quality shirt? Control both with an online store.
4. Who, What, When & Where??? Without an organized system, companies with multiple locations and departments have purchasing that is fragmented and out of control. An online store let’s you know who bought what, when and where they shipped it to.
5.  Administration costs are through the roof! Current processes and proceedures take too much effort and energy, which often times is being done by multiple people in different locations, which costs the company a lot of money. An online store can centralize your purchasing processes, save you money and give you back the control you need.
It all comes down to the desire and need to make things easier and save money. If your company has more than 100 employees located in different parts of the state, country or even the world, it would be a wise choice to examine what a company store can do for you.

Chris Morrissey is owner of Proforma Big Dog Branding, a premier provider of promotional products, printing services, ecommerce websites and eco-friendly marketing solutions.

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