Holiday Gift Giving – The Best Time To Brand Your Business!

In today’s business environment, just saying “thank you” isn’t enough. In addition to saying the words “thank you,” you need to demonstrate to your customer that he or she is valued, appreciated and important to the success of your business. 


Let’s face it, today’s economy is tough! Your competitors are constantly looking for creative ways to earn your customers’ business. However, by making a few simple gestures throughout the year, you can create loyalty and secure most, if not all of your customers for life. In addition, these simple tips will strengthen your brand awareness with your customers and keep your company top of mind.


Don’t worry, if you are creative, saying “thanks” does not have to break the bank nor be a complicated process. Since the holidays are coming up, now is the perfect time and traditionally the expected time to say thank you to your most important customers.


It can be as simple as a holiday card, branded with your company logo and personally signed by the company president. Many companies have everyone in the office sign a card and some go as far as to have signatures printed on the card, which is a mistake. Your customers want to feel a personal relationship to your company, and the best way to do this is to take the time to handwrite a personal message inside! Your customers will notice and appreciate your gesture. Sometimes the best approach is to have the employee with whom that customer comes in contact with the most, write a personal thank you and sign it with an actual pen, from his or her actual desk. I know, scary thought!


Another simple, cost effective way to say thank you and brand your company is to send your customers a nice gift. During the winter holidays, a unique coffee mug is always appreciated. What is the cost for such a project? Well, there are a number of variables to take into consideration, but in general, you could do a nice mug, branded with your logo, packaged in a nice gift box or shipping box (if you need to mail the gift), with a custom card for under $13 per customer, which includes mailing cost. Keep in mind most companies have minimum quantities that apply to the production of the mugs and cards.


The questions you must ask yourself…


Are your customers worth $13.00?


What did it cost you to earn that customer’s business? Now are they worth $13.00?


What would happen if they left you for one of your competitors? How about the $13.00 question now?


For your customers who you are looking to go the extra mile to impress, there is a wide spectrum of products available that will knock the holiday stockings right off their feet! My top suggestion would be the Thank You blanket from Kanata. Made from Ultra-fine Microfibre on one side and VelvaSuede on the other, this beautiful blanket comes embroidered with the words “Thank You” in 5 different languages positioned throughout the VelvaSuede side of the blanket. Also comes folded and wrapped in ribbon with a custom printed gift card and packaged in a zippered vinyl bag.


There are hundreds of thousands of products to choose from in all different price ranges. It’s up to you not to miss the opportunity to brand your company and let your customer know “I appreciate you.”


Chris Morrissey is the Owner of Proforma Big Dog Branding, a premier provider of promotional products, printing services, ecommerce websites and eco-friendly marketing solutions.


To reach Chris:;

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